Why the lowest estimate may not be right for you!

The lowest estimate is probably incomplete.

Here’s an example:

Shop A writes an estimate including a number of operations necessary to properly repair your vehicle. These operations could include a wheel alignment check, color tint, corrosion protection (rust proofing), aim of the headlamps, paint blend operations, etc.

Shop B prepares an estimate and omits the above-mentioned procedures from the repair estimate. The insurance company pays for the repair based on Shop B’s estimate. The vehicle owner mistakenly assumes they have done so because Shop B was just cheaper than Shop A. But because crucial procedures were omitted, the vehicle may be returned to the owner with mismatched paint, unaligned wheels which causes your tires to wear unevenly and prematurely, eventual rust metal panels, headlights which don’t aim correctly. Why take these chances!? Pick a shop that will do a thorough job and let your insurance policy work for you.

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