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Need Professional Auto Body, Fender Bender, Scratch, or Paint Repair?

SOS Autocraft specializes in auto body repairs and painting. Our customers bring their vehicles to us for every type of repair:

  • Major collision (including frame damage)
  • Fender benders and minor cosmetic auto body work
  • Key scratch and paint repair
  • Door dents and dings.
  • Lease or car rental returns.

We’ve even been know to repair marriages!

Come in and let us show you options for repairing your damaged vehicle because not all bumps and dents are the same. All we need to know is your goal. Are you looking for a quick fix? Do you want your vehicle repaired to like-new condition? We can do it all here because we are a team of well trained professionals with modern equipment and the right software to get you an accurate estimate. So no matter your request, you will get only top quality work which is monitored every step of the way from the initial inspection to completion.

Either way you can be assured you are getting a quote for top quality work, using the right parts, the best paint and materials, and excellent customer service to top it all off.

See why our auto body repair business has earned a good reputation. Come in and meet our team.

Auto Body Repair & Paint vs. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Had an accident and trying to decide if the traditional repair method of Auto Body Repair & Paint or PDR is best for your situation?

It all depends on the damage & accessibility and your goal.

Even the most experienced PDR technician could spend 8-10 hours completing a complex job that would take half that time using the traditional auto body work and paint method.

To make the smartest decision in this case, it would be best to have a shop that specializes in both Auto Body Repair & Paint and PDR look at the damage. This way, you know their recommendation is not motivated by not being able to offer a second option.

Repair your vehicle today!

Getting started is easy. Make an appointment, bring in your car, and we will do the rest!