Car Scratch Repair in West Los Angeles

Paint Damage Fixed on All Types of Cars

SOS Autocraft is one of the best car scratch and dent repair shop in Los Angeles. Paint scratches, key scratches, rock chips, bumper scrapes, nicks, and scuffs can happen anywhere in Los Angeles and cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Whether you need minor scratch repair to keep your luxury vehicle looking brand new or major scratch repair, our one-stop-shop can handle anything.

Will My Insurance Company Cover Scratch Repair?

Whether repairs are covered depends on the cause of the scratch and the type of coverage you have. First, you need comprehensive coverage. Second, you must pay an amount equal to the deductible before your insurance coverage kicks in. Covered damages include if a vandal keyed your car if it was hit by a shopping cart, or scraped by someone opening their car door, etc. If a scratch occurred when you hit another object, you will need to use collision coverage. However, if the cause is unknown, you can still file a claim and have an insurance adjuster assess the situation.

Types of Paint Scratch Damage

Even the slightest contact can leave scratches, dents, and scuffs. Clearcoat scratch repair fixes damage to the outer clear coat. When the scratch goes through this layer, the primer may be damaged; if so, you will see the primer color showing. The paint itself can be damaged by objects such as rocks, hail, and other cars, leaving the underlying metal prone to rust.

Our Repair Services

  • Hood Chips & Scratches: Our paint chip repair service can restore your vehicle after a severe storm or even if washing your car caused minor paint damage. Paint can flake and peel with normal wear and tear, but we can fix it so your car looks like new.
  • Bumper Dents & Scratches: When it comes to bumpers, we specialize in multiple repair techniques such as paintless dent removal, plastic welding, bumper repair, fiberglass repair, etc. In some circumstances, wet sanding and buffing can remove scratches and damaged paint, providing an easy solution for scuff removal. Sometimes, a new bumper is inexpensive, but don’t buy a new bumper if we can fix it.
  • Door Key Scratches: There is no rhyme or reason to vandals in big cities, so you never know when you’ll be dealing with a key scratch. One scratch can cause severe damage to your car’s paint! Our car scratch removal technique may be able to eliminate the ugly and value deteriorating mark.
  • Professional Repainting: Whether you need a touch-up paint repair or complete repainting, we provide professional We can restore the look of your car whether the damage is due to commuting in Los Angeles or your car was damaged in an accident.
  • Clear Coat Repair: A clear coat protects the paint from rain, snow, hail, and UV light. When it’s damaged, sensitive paint is exposed to the elements, but we can easily fix the damage so there is no further risk.

SOS Autocraft: Putting Our Customers’ Needs First

Our automotive technicians provide all types of car scratch repairs. Whether you need clear coat scratch, dent, rock chip, nicks, scuffs, or rust repair, customer satisfaction is always in our number one priority. Call 310-923-5932 to learn more about our car scratch and dent repair services or to schedule a paint damage repair appointment.


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