Should You File an Insurance Claim or Pay Out of Pocket?

Not every accident or minor damage to your vehicle needs to be filed as a claim with your specialty insurance. In cases where no one else was involved in the accident or when repair costs from your certified exotic car repair shop are so low that it would be more cost-effective to simply pay out of pocket.

The first step to making that decision is to bring your vehicle into our certified body shop for a physical inspection. Very often the damage is not outwardly visible and cannot be seen in pictures. Missing hidden damage to exotic and luxury cars can be very costly should an insurance claim be filed without a full inspection.

Once you know the real picture, you can decide whether to pay for the repairs yourself, handle your own insurance claim, or use our professional claim management service.

Choosing to Pay Out of Pocket

If paying for car repairs yourself is the route you choose, you couldn’t choose a better-certified shop for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We have access to high-quality auto parts for exotic and European cars, and we will explain all your options, including replacement vs. repair on certain parts to meet your budget.

It might be more effective cost management to pay out of pocket if:

  • Repairs will be less than your insurance deductible.
  • A claim might raise the already high specialty insurance rate for your vehicle.
  • There is no legal or financial reason to file a claim.

Choosing to File an Insurance Claim

Certainly, there are cases where filing a claim is the best choice, even with specialty or exotic car insurance policies. If that is the case for you, our preferred auto body shop will meet all the requirements of your insurance company.

Some factors that make filing a claim advantageous are:

  • If your vehicle has sustained serious damage.
  • If another vehicle was involved in the accident.
  • If the cost of repairs would cause financial hardship.
  • If the cost of repairs is more then double of your deductible

Your insurance company will likely recommend that you use an in-network body shop, rather than work with a qualified exotic car repair shop. SOS Autocraft is a preferred provider for many customers using specialty insurance companies, but we can also work with your company directly for claim management.

Our certified technicians work with all major vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies.

Let Us Manage Your Auto Insurance Claim

When it does come time to file a claim, we will work with insurance field inspectors to ensure that your claim will cover all necessary repairs to return your car to its original condition. Not only can we streamline the process when you manage your own claim, but we offer time-saving insurance claim management services.

When you trust your insurance claim management to us, you can be back on the road with confidence that both your insurance claim and your vehicle received the best possible care in the hands of our experienced teams. When you need a professional exotic car body shop in West Los Angeles, give us a call right away.

An accident that damages your fine automobile is stressful enough. Let us take care of the headaches and hassle involved and get you moving forward at full horsepower again.

Nothing Is More Important Than Meeting Your Expectations!

We love our customers, and the relationship we build with them and their cars.  Let us take care of everything and restore your vehicle to it’s original shape.  Did we mention, we can take over and manage your insurance claim? Yup! Save yourself the stress and hassle.